Chrome Bug Allows Websites Unauthorized Use of Microphone

Recently a bug has been discovered in Google’s web browser, Chrome, that can allow websites to listen on a user through their computers microphone. While the defect cannot directly record audio, it can record a transcript of anything it hears using Chrome’s speech-to-text function. This bug has a potential to reach many people, as Chrome is used by more than half of web users.

The bug was originally reported to Google by Israel-based developer, Guy Aharonovsky, who discovered it while working with the speech recognition aspects of Chrome. Google, while have acknowledged the defect, has currently designated it as “low-severity”, which means there will be no immediate fix for the issue.

In the mean time, it does not seem that anyone is using this bug for malicious reasons yet.

Google Chrome Bug Could Allow Websites To Snoop On Conversations- International Business Times